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Geometry features measurement of traffic accident for reconstruction based on close-range photogrammetry
This paper studies the feasibility of investigating a traffic accident and offering initial data for traffic accident reconstruction (TAR) using a photogrammetric technique. Expand
Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Maglev Vehicle-Guideway-Tunnel-Soil System
In order to study the dynamic problem due to the high-speed EMS maglev vehicle travelling through a tunnel, this paper presents a large-scale 3D model of the maglev vehicle-guideway-tunnel-soilExpand
Study on dynamic characteristics of underwater pressure compensator considering nonlinearity
Abstract. The external pressure is the biggest problem faced by underwater hydraulic systems. The strength and sealing ability of the structure are facing enormous challenges. For this problem, theExpand
Design of Auto-Centering System for High-Speed Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle
An auto-centering system for the ultrasonic detector of high-speed rail flaw detection vehicle is designed and tested. Expand
Design of Course Controller for Atmospheric Diving Suit (ADS) based on Adaptive Sliding Mode Control with Extended State Observer (ESO)
An ADS course controller based on adaptive sliding mode control with extended state observer (ESO) achieves satisfying performance in ADS course control. Expand
ADS adaptive sliding mode course controller with slow time-varying disturbance observer
An ADS adaptive sliding mode course controller based on disturbance observer is presented to solve problems of external disturbances, parameter uncertainties and time-varying terms. Expand