Xingshi Wang

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In this paper, we develop a "modified" immersed finite element method (mIFEM), a non-boundary-fitted numerical technique, to study fluid-structure interactions. Using this method, we can more precisely capture the solid dynamics by solving the solid governing equation instead of imposing it based on the fluid velocity field as in the original immersed(More)
Exact solutions are derived for three-dimensional, orthotropic, linearly piezothermoelastic, simply-supported, and multilayered rectangular plates with imperfect interfaces under static thermo-electro-mechanical loadings. In this research the imperfect interface is described as thermally weakly (or highly) conducting, mechanically compliant and(More)
This research is concerned with the anti-plane strain problems of polarized ceramics with both the couple stress and electric field gradient effects. This theory possesses two characteristic lengths l1 and l2 which are determined explicitly. In addition the two characteristic lengths can be either positive real or complex conjugate with positive real part.(More)
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