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Simulation results of global aerosol models have been assembled in the framework of the AeroCom intercomparison exercise. In this paper, we analyze the life cycles of dust, sea salt, sulfate, black carbon and particulate organic matter as simulated by sixteen global aerosol models. The diversities among the models for the sources and sinks, 5 burdens,(More)
AIMS A simple and rapid method (designated thermolysis) for extracting genomic DNA from bulk fungal strains was described. METHODS AND RESULTS In the thermolysis method, a few mycelia or yeast cells were first rinsed with pure water to remove potential PCR inhibitors and then incubated in a lysis buffer at 85 degrees C to break down cell walls and(More)
Notes on 113 fungal taxa are compiled in this paper, including 11 new genera, 89 new species, one new subspecies, three new combinations and seven reference specimens. A wide geographic and taxonomic range of fungal taxa are detailed. In the Ascomycota the new genera Angustospora (Testudinaceae), Camporesia (Xylariaceae), Clematidis, Crassiparies(More)
Tristratiperidium microsporum gen. et sp. nov. (Xylariales) is introduced to accommodate a taxon isolated from dead leaves of Arundo plinii, collected in Italy. The sexual and asexual morphs are described and illustrated and compared with similar taxa. Phylogenetic analysis of combined Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) and Large Subunit (LSU) rRNA sequence(More)
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