Xinglong Zhao

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For a conventional SRAM, bit-lines dissipate the largest part of power consumption, since they are long lines with parasitical capacitance. Furthermore, the bit-lines consume more power in write cycle than in read cycle. A new chargerecycling method is proposed to reduce bit-line power consumption. The proposed SRAM pre-charge the bit-lines to VDD or GND(More)
Considering the deficiencies of low accuracy and poor real-time capability in traditional UAV target location, a method of high precision localization of UAV image sequences based on DEM matching is proposed. By calculating the DEM data of aviation reconnaissance area in advance, the image sequences from UAV television reconnaissance are corrected, then by(More)
China is a country of vast territory with complicated geographical environment and climate conditions. With the rapid progress of the Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system (BDS); more accurate tropospheric models must be applied to improve the accuracy of navigation and positioning. Based on the formula of the Saastamoinen and Callahan models; this(More)
Considering the target location accuracy of the UAV airborne photoelectric platform, a parallelism detection method of optical axes was proposed, which including the design of collimating optical system and infrared up-conversion target. Digital image processing technology was utilized to realize the automatic, convenient and safe detection for the optical(More)
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