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This paper reports on a new pedagogy for Chinese language teaching and learning at elementary schools through exploratory classroom instruction using Information and Communication Technologies. The study used quantitative method to collect data from two elementary schools of China. The results showed that:(1) the three-in-one pedagogy of " character(More)
A neural network based method of modeling hysteresis in piezo-electrical actuator is proposed. In this method, a hysteretic operator is introduced to transform the multi-valued mapping of hysteresis into a one-to-one mapping so that neural networks can be utilized to approximate the characteristic of hysteresis. The result of modeling the hysteresis exists(More)
As more and more enterprises are willing to join the carbon emissions trading mechanism, it is necessary to explore a two-stage supply chain which includes upstream and downstream enterprises how to formulate the enterprise plans to reduce emissions. Through the study of internal carbon trading price of the carbon emissions trading alliance, we have a deep(More)
In order to increase the precision and simplify the process, a novel control strategy was proposed for the buck converter, which is based on the inverse system method aiming at the nonlinear identity of the mathematic model of the buck converter using the state-space average modeling method, a pseudo-linear model is given based on the inverse system method,(More)
For a conventional SRAM, bit-lines dissipate the largest part of power consumption, since they are long lines with parasitical capacitance. Furthermore, the bit-lines consume more power in write cycle than in read cycle. A new chargerecycling method is proposed to reduce bit-line power consumption. The proposed SRAM pre-charge the bit-lines to VDD or GND(More)
China is a country of vast territory with complicated geographical environment and climate conditions. With the rapid progress of the Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system (BDS); more accurate tropospheric models must be applied to improve the accuracy of navigation and positioning. Based on the formula of the Saastamoinen and Callahan models; this(More)
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