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Small Molecule Inhibitors Simultaneously Targeting Cancer Metabolism and Epigenetics: Discovery of Novel Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) and Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Dual Inhibitors.
Cancer metabolism and epigenetics are among the most intensely pursued research areas in anticancer drug discovery. Here we report the first small molecules that simultaneously inhibit nicotinamideExpand
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Exfoliated graphite oxide decorated by PDMAEMA chains and polymer particles.
Exfoliated graphite oxide (GO) sheets with hydroxyl groups and amine groups on the surface were prepared by modification of graphite. Atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) initiator moleculesExpand
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Association of KIF21B genetic polymorphisms with ankylosing spondylitis in a Chinese Han population of Shandong Province
Previous studies have found that the kinesin family member (KIF) 21B may contribute to the autoimmune disease process. It has been reported that the KIF21B gene is relevant to the pathogenesis ofExpand
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Transient growth of acoustical energy associated with mitigating thermoacoustic oscillations
Energy conversion from heat to sound is desirable in some practical applications such as thermoacoustic heat engines or cooling systems. However, it is unwanted in gas turbine or aeroengineExpand
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Unity maximum transient energy growth of heat-driven acoustic oscillations
Transient energy growth of acoustic disturbances may trigger thermoacoustic instability in a non-normal thermoacoustic system. In this work, minimizing transient energy growth of heat-driven acousticExpand
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Pd-catalyzed C-H oxygenation with TFA/TFAA: expedient access to oxygen-containing heterocycles and late-stage drug modification.
Acid brings the oxygen: a general method for palladium-catalyzed C-H oxygenation has been developed for the facile synthesis of a wide range of functionalized phenols with readily available arylExpand
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An efficient palladium-catalyzed C-H alkoxylation of unactivated methylene and methyl groups with cyclic hypervalent iodine (i(3+) ) oxidants.
All the hype: The title reaction has been developed for the facile synthesis of a variety of complex alkyl ethers. Cyclic hypervalent iodine (I(3+) ) reagents serve as oxidants for this unique CHExpand
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Recent advances in transition metal (Pd, Ni)-catalyzed C(sp3)H bond activation with bidentate directing groups
In recent years, transition metal-catalyzed C(sp3)H functionalization has gradually emerged as a practical and powerful tool to prepare highly valuable chemicals. In this mini-review, we will giveExpand
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Synthesis of 2-aminophenols and heterocycles by Ru-catalyzed C-H mono- and dihydroxylation.
A novel and efficient synthesis of 2-aminophenols, 2-aminobenzene-1,3-diols, and heterocycles through Ru-catalyzed C-H mono- and dihydroxylation of anilides has been developed with a new directingExpand
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Some recent advances in transition-metal-catalyzed ortho SP2 C-H functionalization using Ru, Rh, and Pd
In the past decade, transition-metal-catalyzed C-H functionalization by weak coordination has emerged as a practical and powerful tool to access many valuable chemicals. Two classes of weaklyExpand
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