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Characterized by the increasing arrival rate of live content, the emergency applications pose a great challenge: how to disseminate large-scale live content to interested users in a scalable and reliable manner. The publish/subscribe (pub/sub) model is widely used for data dissemination because of its capacity of seamlessly expanding the system to massive(More)
The big data era is characterized by the emergence of live content with increasing complexities of data dimensionality and data sizes, which poses a new challenge to emergency applications: how to timely disseminate large-scale live content to users who are interested in. The publish/subscribe (pub/sub) model is widely used to disseminate data because of(More)
The publish/subscribe (pub/sub) paradigm is a popular communication model for data dissemination in large-scale distributed networks. However, scalability comes with a contradiction between the delivery latency and the memory cost. On one hand, constructing a separate overly per topic guarantees real-time dissemination, while the number of node degrees(More)
In this work, mesoporous hydroxylapatite (meso-HA) nanofibers were prepared via calcination process with polyvinyl alcohol/HA (PVA/HA) hybrid nanofibers fabricated by electrospinning technique as precursors, and the removal efficiency of meso-HA nanofibers toward Co(II) was evaluated via sorption kinetics and sorption isotherms. Furthermore, the sorption(More)
Total ordering is a messaging guarantee increasingly required of content-based pub/sub systems, which are traditionally focused on performance. The main challenge is the uniform ordering of streams of publications from multiple publishers within an overlay broker network to be delivered to multiple subscribers. Our solution integrates total ordering into(More)
Nowadays sequence data tends to be multi-dimensional sequence over data stream, it has a large state space and arrives at unprecedented speed. It is a big challenge to design a multi-dimensional sequence outlier detection method to meet the accurate and high speed requirements. The traditional methods can't handle multi-dimensional sequence effectively as(More)