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New fossil species of ommatids (Coleoptera: Archostemata) from the Middle Mesozoic of China illuminating the phylogeny of Ommatidae
BackgroundOmmatidae is arguably the “most ancestral” extant beetle family. Recent species of this group are only found in South America and Australia, but the fossil record reveals a much broaderExpand
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Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr isotopical ages of magnetite-chlorite formation gold deposit in the volcanic rock area of Late Paleozoic Era, East Tianshan
Through studying geo-geochemical characteristics and determining Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr isotopical ages in the Kanggur magnetite-chlorite formation gold deposit, some conclusions can be achieved: Sm-NdExpand
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Structural framework and its evolution in Chasang area of Qiangtang Basin in northern Tibetan
Through comprehensive research on the various geophysical and geological data acquired recently, we consider that the Chasang area in the western uplift of Qiangtang is a huge south-dipping blockExpand
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Geometric Morphometrics, a super scientific computing tool in morphology comparison
Shape comparison plays an important role in many kinds of studies. Traditionally, qualitative comparison methods have been applied in morphological variations. There are numerous limitations inExpand
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Geometric morphometric analysis of the pronotum and elytron in stag beetles: insight into its diversity and evolution
Abstract Stag beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Lucanidae) have received extensive attention from researchers in behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology. There have been no previousExpand
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Research and Development on Land Supervision-discovery System Based on Remote Sensing Technologies
Analyzing the existing problems of traditional land law enforcement work and the development significance of land supervision-discovery system based on remote sensing technology, combined with the actual situation of Xi'an Bureau of State Land Supervision. Expand
Quaternary deformation at the southeastern margin of the Ordos Block, North China: Inferred from structural analysis of basin-bounding faults
Abstract The southeastern margin of the Ordos Block (SEMOB) is located at the juncture of the North China Block, the Ordos Block, and the Qinling Orogen. A series of faulted basins has developed inExpand
Application of high-resolution remote sensing technology for the iron ore deposits of the West Kunlun Mountains in China
This study focuses on the iron ore of Taxkorgan and Heiqia in the West Kunlun mountains as a case study, for the application of WorldView−2 and IKONOS remote sensing images as major data sources inExpand
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Study and Application of Safety Risk Evaluation Model for CO2 Geological Storage Based on Uncertainty Measure Theory
Analyzing showed that the safety risk evaluation for CO2 geological storage had important significance. Aimed at the characteristics of CO2 geological storage safety risk evaluation, drawing onExpand
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