Xingjia Lu

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Extensive research has been taken on health care related monitoring in pervasive environments, but how to organize personal emergency response systematically under the respected context is still an uncovered area. A health care based pervasive emergency response system has an important role to maintain safe and convenient living for the aging society. In(More)
MDP heuristic based POMDP algorithms have been considered as simple, fast, but imprecise solutions. This paper provides a novel MDP heuristic value iteration algorithm for POMDPs. Besides the help of MDP, our algorithm utilizes a weighted graph model for the belief point approximation and reassignment, to further improve the efficiency and decrease the(More)
The topology control is a very important issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Many approaches have been proposed to carry out in this aspect, including modern heuristic approach. In this paper, the Topology Control based on Artificial Immune Algorithm (ToCAIA) is proposed to solute the energy-aware topology control for WSNs. ToCAIA is a heuristic(More)
The accumulation and distribution of lead granules in the major organs of Macrobrachium nipponense were studied by means of histochemistry, transmission electron microscope (TEM) and atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) analysis. The results showed that many high electronic dense lead granules (EDG) were found primarily in the antennal gland of this(More)
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