Xingjia Cai

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Summary Hypersensitive cell death occurs in tomato seedlings that are derived from a cross between plants that express a resistance (Cf) gene against the pathogenic fungus Cladosporium fulvum and plants that contain the matching avirulence (Avr) gene originating from this fungus. The pattern of Cf-9/Avr9- and Cf-4/Avr4-induced necrosis in these F(1)(More)
We have shown previously that the transcription factor MoAP1 governs the oxidative response and is important for pathogenicity in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. To explore the underlying mechanism, we have identified thioredoxin MoTrx2 as a target of MoAP1 in M. oryzae. Thioredoxins are highly conserved 12-kDa oxidoreductase enzymes containing a(More)
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