Xinghua Yang

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OBJECTIVE To examine the associations of combined lifestyle factors and physical conditions with cerebrovascular diseases (CBVD) mortality, after accounting for competing risk events, including death from cardiovascular diseases, cancers and other diseases. METHODS Data on 2010 subjects aged over 55 years were finally analyzed using competing risk models.(More)
A slot antenna attached to metal containers for a passive RFID (radio frequency identification) tag is presented in this paper. The proposed slot antenna is designed by introducing slots on the metallic plate as a tag. In order to transmit the power effectively, we should design and make the impedance of the antenna to conjugate the impedance of the chip.(More)
With the rapid development of XML language which has good flexibility and interoperability, more and more log files of software running information are represented in XML format, especially for Web services. Fault diagnosis by analyzing semi-structured and XML like log files is becoming an important issue in this area. For most related learning methods,(More)
In this paper, a hardware implementation of Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier for acceleration has been proposed based on pipelined adder, in which the speedups outperform other existing architectures. The adder whose critical path has been efficiently shortened by pipeline technology, constituted the main arithmetic elements in SVM processing.(More)
— Rapid growth of technical developments has created huge challenges for microphone forensics-a sub-category of audio forensic science, because of the availability of numerous digital recording devices and massive amount of recording data. Demand for fast and efficient methods to assure integrity and authenticity of information is becoming more and more(More)
BACKGROUND Raised blood pressure (BP) is associated with the incidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS). It is unknown if subjects with different BP levels may develop certain components of MetS over time. We investigated the incidence of MetS relative to different levels of BP over a 5-year period in a Chinese population in Tongren Hospital, Beijing. METHODS(More)
A precision-improved processing architecture of physical computing for energy-efficient SIFT feature extraction algorithm has been proposed in this paper. With the novel physical computing technology of active resistor network (PC: ARN), the SIFT algorithm could be processed in analog signal domain without synchronizing clock signals, which means the(More)