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Studies of edge detect algorithms are carried out based on grads in this paper. In order to improve the ability of parameters selection adaptively, a new method of automatic selection of edge detector parameters based on algorithm of Ostu and statistical theory is presented. The global optimized parameters are determined automatically and adaptively through(More)
Image inpainting technique has been widely used for restoring damaged old photographs and removing unwanted objects from images. Now many inpainting algorithms are introduced because of better filling results. However, there always exists a shortcoming, i.e. long filling time. In this paper a new method is presented based on TV model. By a large amount of(More)
A shape-shifting robot with changeable configurations can accomplish search and rescue tasks which could not be achieved by manpower sometimes. The accessibility of this robot to uneven environment was efficiently enlarged by changing its configuration. In this paper, a path planning method is presented that integrates the reconfigurable ability of the(More)
The system drift causes the AFM tip to stochastically displacement in the sample surface of substrate when atomic force microscope imaging. This will give a notable effect on AFM image procedure, and results in distortion of scanning images. For this distortion, the paper establishes image compensation model, through associating the reference image and(More)
Online signature verification has been a research topic of great interest, in line with the increasingly high security requirements of a networked society. In this paper, an online signature verification system based on the nearest template matching is designed. A set of function features are employed for comparing the dissimilarity between the test(More)
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