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Throughout life, adult organs continually adapt to variable environmental factors. Adaptive mechanisms must fundamentally differ from homeostatic maintenance, but little is known about how physiological factors elicit tissue remodeling. Here, we show that specialized stem cell responses underlie the adaptive resizing of a mature organ. In the adult(More)
Adult stem cells are important in replenishing aged cells to maintain tissue homeostasis. Aging in turn may exert profound effects on stem cell's regenerative potential, but to date the mechanisms of such stem cell aging are poorly understood, and it is not clear to what extent stem cell aging contributes to tissue or organ aging. Here we show in female(More)
Stem cells are critical for maintaining tissue homeostasis and are commonly governed by their niche microenvironment, although the intrinsic mechanisms controlling their multipotency are poorly understood. Polycomb group (PcG) genes are epigenetic silencers, and have emerged recently as important players in maintaining stem cell multipotency by preventing(More)
Nowadays, with the rapid increase of WLAN-enabled mobile devices and the more widespread use of WLAN, it is increasingly important to have a more efficient initial link setup mechanism, and there is a demand for a faster access authentication method faster than the current IEEE 802.11i. In this paper, through experiments we observe that the authentication(More)
— Because of malfunction or noise in 15 out of the 20 detectors, band 6 (1.628–1.652 µm) of the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor aboard the Aqua satellite contains large areas of dead pixel stripes. Therefore, the corresponding high-level products of MODIS are corrupted by this periodic phenomenon. This paper proposes an improved(More)
—With regard to quantitative remote sensing products in the visible and infrared ranges, thick clouds and accompanying shadows are an inevitable source of noise. Due to the absence of adequate supporting information from the data themselves, it is a formidable challenge to accurately restore the surficial information underlying large-scale clouds. In this(More)
BACKGROUND Sucrose is the primary photosynthesis product and the principal translocating form within higher plants. Sucrose transporters (SUC/SUT) play a critical role in phloem loading and unloading. Photoassimilate transport is a major limiting factor for seed yield. Our previous research demonstrated that SUT co-localizes with yield-related quantitative(More)
Acylglycerol kinase (AGK) is reported to be overexpressed in multiple cancers. The clinical significance and biological role of AGK in breast cancer, however, remain to be established. AGK expression in breast cancer cell lines, paired patient tissues were determined using immunoblotting and Real-time PCR. 203 human breast cancer tissue samples were(More)
—The Earth Observing System of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration pays a great deal of attention to the long-term global observations of the land surface, biosphere, atmosphere, and oceans. Specifically, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument on board the twin satellites Terra and Aqua plays a vital role in the(More)