Xinghao Zhao

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In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for FRFT with zooming-in ability, which is preferable to previous algorithms because it can freely choose computational resolution and zoom in on any interested portion of the fractional spectra, meanwhile, retains the advantage of the Ozaktas algorithm in computational speed. Its advantages in scrutinizing the(More)
To improve the performance of the equalizer in OFDM system when the channel has zeros on the FFT grid which may cause the channel matrix uninvertible, this paper introduces a novel equalizer based on the complex-domain back propagation (BP) algorithm. Firstly, the system model and mathematical expression of the OFDM is given in this paper. Secondly, the(More)
For jamming against wideband linear frequency modulated(LFM) signal, a kind of multiple false target jamming approach is proposed, which is based on the fractional Fourier channelization. When the jamming samples being acquired, the desired wideband LFM signal samples can be concentrated into one output channel of the fractional Fourier channelized(More)
This paper has proposed a method of the reception and separation of the simultaneous signals with broadband in the channelized receiver. For all kinds of situation which simultaneous signals may arise in channelized receiver, first we design two kinds of filters according to the theory of the signal reconstruction and derive the fast algorithm to(More)
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