Xinghao Chen

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An efficient <italic>Module Area Estimator</italic> for VLSI chip layout has been developed to reduce the number of design iterations required to develop a chip floor plan. Module area is estimated for Standard-Cell and Full-Custom layout methodologies. We discuss the structure of the estimator and its algorithms. The layout area estimates are very close to(More)
Hand pose estimation from monocular depth images is an important and challenging problem for human-computer interaction. Recently deep convolutional networks (ConvNet) with sophisticated design have been employed to address it, but the improvement over traditional methods is not so apparent. To promote the performance of directly 3D coordinate regression,(More)
Accurate fingertip detection is important for hand-based human computer interaction. Different from prior methods based on depth image, in this paper we propose a novel scheme for accurate fingertip detection from binocular mask images without explicitly computing the depth map. To demonstrate our proposed scheme, we build a new hand dataset containing(More)
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This paper presents the implementation of 64x64 multi-port Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) and newly proposed dynamically configured multi-port SRAM in VHDL (VHSIC hardware description language). It uses a dynamic memory partitioning algorithm where a VHDL test-bench is developed to verify the functionality of the dynamically configured memory. Results(More)
Hand pose estimation from a single depth image is an essential topic in computer vision and human computer interaction. Despite recent advancements in this area promoted by convolutional neural network, accurate hand pose estimation is still a challenging problem. In this paper we propose a Pose guided structured Region Ensemble Network (Pose-REN) to boost(More)