Xingguo Li

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—This paper examines the problem of locating outlier columns in a large, otherwise low-rank, matrix. We propose a simple two-step adaptive sensing and inference approach and establish theoretical guarantees for its performance; our results show that accurate outlier identification is achievable using very few linear summaries of the original data matrix –(More)
Insulators are DNA elements that divide chromosomes into independent transcriptional domains. The Drosophila genome contains hundreds of binding sites for the Suppressor of Hairy-wing [Su(Hw)] insulator protein, corresponding to locations of the retroviral gypsy insulator and non-gypsy binding regions (BRs). The first non-gypsy BR identified, 1A-2, resides(More)
This paper describes an R package named flare, which implements a family of new high dimensional regression methods (LAD Lasso, SQRT Lasso, q Lasso, and Dantzig selector) and their extensions to sparse precision matrix estimation (TIGER and CLIME). These methods exploit different nonsmooth loss functions to gain modeling flexibility, estimation robustness,(More)
  • Alexey A. Soshnev, Hiroshi Ishimoto, Bryant F. McAllister, Xingguo Li, Misty D. Wehling, Toshihiro Kitamoto +1 other
  • 2011
Metazoan genomes encode an abundant collection of mRNA-like, long noncoding (lnc)RNAs. Although lncRNAs greatly expand the transcriptional repertoire, we have a limited understanding of how these RNAs contribute to developmental regulation. Here, we investigate the function of the Drosophila lncRNA called yellow-achaete intergenic RNA (yar). Comparative(More)
We propose a stochastic variance reduced optimization algorithm for solving a class of large-scale nonconvex optimization problems with cardinality constraints, and provide sufficient conditions under which the proposed algorithm enjoys strong linear convergence guarantees and optimal estimation accuracy in high dimensions. We further extend our analysis to(More)
  • Junzhi Yang, Paul R Beaumont, Terry D Humphries, Craig M Jensen, Xingguo Li, C M J +2 others
  • 2015
A novel species of metal amidoborane ammoniate, [Al(NH2BH3)6 3− ][Al(NH3)6 3+ ] has been successfully synthesized in up to 95% via the one-step reaction of AlH3·OEt2 with liquid NH3BH3·nNH3 (n = 1~6) at 0 °C. This solution based reaction method provides an alternative pathway to the traditional mechano-chemical ball milling methods, avoiding possible(More)
With the rapid development of both information technology and the management of modern medical regulation, the generation of medical records tends to be increasingly intelligent. In this paper, Case-Based Reasoning is applied to the process of generating records of dental cases. Based on the analysis of the features of dental records, a case base is(More)
Fenretinide is a chemotherapeutic agent in clinical trials for the treatment of neuroblastoma, among the most common and most deadly cancers of childhood. Fenretinide induces apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells through accumulation of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species released from Complex II. The neurotrophin receptor, p75NTR, potentiates this effect. The(More)