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We propose a novel shape descriptor for matching and recognizing 2D object silhouettes. The contour of each object is represented by a fixed number of sample points. For each sample point, a height function is defined based on the distances of the other sample points to its tangent line. One compact and robust shape descriptor is obtained by smoothing the(More)
Character skeleton plays a significant role in character recognition. The strokes of a character may consist of two regions, i.e., singular and regular regions. The intersections and junctions of the strokes belong to singular region, while the straight and smooth parts of the strokes are categorized to regular region. Therefore, a skeletonization method(More)
Traffic surveillance is an important topic in computer vision and intelligent transportation systems and has intensively been studied in the past decades. However, most of the state-of-the-art methods concentrate on daytime traffic monitoring. In this paper, we propose a nighttime traffic surveillance system, which consists of headlight detection, headlight(More)
Person re-identification has been widely studied due to its importance in surveillance and forensics applications. In practice, gallery images are high resolution (HR), while probe images are usually low resolution (LR) in the identification scenarios with large variation of illumination, weather, or quality of cameras. Person re-identification in this kind(More)
Knowing the type of an uncharacterized membrane protein often provides a useful clue in both basic research and drug discovery. With the explosion of protein sequences generated in the post genomic era, determination of membrane protein types by experimental methods is expensive and time consuming. It therefore becomes important to develop an automated(More)