Xingdong Li

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Among various kinds of image denoising methods, the Perona–Malik model is a representative Partial Differential Equation based (PDE-based) algorithm which effectively removes the noise as well as having edge enhancement simultaneously through anisotropic diffusion controlled by the diffusion coefficient. However, the unstable behavior of the Perona–Malik(More)
Fast-continuous-rotation is an effective measure to improve the scanning speed and decrease the radiation dose for cone-beam CT. However, because of acceleration and deceleration of the motor, as well as the response lag of the scanning control terminals to the host PC, uneven-distributed and redundant projections are inevitably created, which seriously(More)
Asian leaf-eating monkeys have flexible, environmentally adaptable feeding strategies. The diet and food choices of white-headed langurs (Trachypithecus leucocephalus) have, however, not yet been studied in the Nongguan Karst Hills in China, where one of the two main surviving populations of this endangered species lives. From 2000 to 2002 inclusive, we(More)
Estimating the ego motion is a key problem for a mobile robot, its efficiency and precision are hard to be balanced. In this paper, a fast and accurate approach is proposed to estimate the ego motion of stereo camera. Firstly, two images from left and right cameras are rectified. secondly, a index is introduced to speed up the matching process to find(More)
PURPOSE In China, most quality assessments (QAs) of the high-contrast resolution of medical computed tomography (CT) equipment is performed by subjective evaluation, which is simple but dependent on observer expertise. The purpose of this study was to compare the accuracy and degree of dispersion of evaluation results from observers with different expertise(More)
Hidden dangers in system are the main reason that causes accident happen. Using theory of constraints, it achieved the coal mine hidden dangers divided scientifically and reasonably. On the one hand, establishing coal mine hidden danger information’s constraint treating flow, it makes the definition of the coal mine worker’s responsibility and ability(More)
3D point cloud is the original format of three dimensional map for the navigation of mobile robotics. Time of Flight camera can directly return 3D points and grayscale image simultaneously, but the color information is lost. In this paper, 3D points are colored by calibrating PMD camera with RGB camera, and then the RGB image is generated with respect to a(More)
Depth Cameras are widely used in mobile robotics recently. Combining two frames is the key step to construct a complete 3D map, and the relative pose between two views w.r.t two frames is needed. 3D point pairs are necessary for computing 6DOF pose transformation. In this paper, a method for finding correspondences of two point clouds is proposed, and the(More)