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Information hiding for authenticating and recovery the missing information of the multimedia has been exploited extensively in the last decade. We propose a novel self-recovery watermarking algorithm based on wavelet tansformation and set partitioning in hierarchical trees coding. Utilizing the zero-tree coding to compress each block of the host image and(More)
Image segmentation by thresholding is a usual way in im- age processing and analysis. With some measures of differ- ence between images, some new methods for image thresh- old selection are put forward based on the principle that the difference between two parts from an good thresholding segmentation should be big and the differences between original image(More)
Retinex method mainly consists of two steps: estimation and normalization of illumination. The illumination is estimated as a smooth version of input image using low-pass filters. Some high-frequency components of image will inevitably be lost in the filtering processing, and images will lose details and information, correspondingly. In this paper, we(More)
Micrographs of Chinese wines show floccule, stick and granule of variant shape and size. Different wines have variant microstructure and micrographs. A semi-supervised wine classification method based on kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) method and fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithm using edge feature from micrographs was proposed in this paper. In this(More)
Chinese wines can be classification or graded by the micrographs. Micrographs of Chinese wines show floccule,stick and granule of variant shape and size. Different wines have variant microstructure and micrographs, we study the classification of Chinese wines based on the micrographs. Shape and structure of wines’ particles in microstructure is the(More)
In this paper we devote to study some continuous attribute discretization algorithms, and based on them we build a Chinese wines classification system using BP neural network. According to the discretization method based on cluster analysis, we first discretize attributes by using fuzzy c-means cluster analysis guiding by the level of consistency of(More)
The edge detection of the images is so important for image processing. There are different methods for improving edge detection. In the present work, a neural networks based system for edge extraction of Chinese wines’ micrographs is presented. Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) with an improved activation function employing four adjustable(More)