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With the advent of low-cost multimedia acquisition device and sophisticated video editing techniques, it is becoming increasingly easier to tamper with digital video. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed to detection of double MPEG compression involving two video compression standards, which often occurs in video transcoding process. By analyzing the(More)
Double compression usually occurs after the image has gone through some kinds of tampering, so double compression detection is a basic mean to assess the authenticity of a given image. In this paper, we propose to model the distribution of the mode based first digits of DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) coefficients using Markov transition probability matrix(More)
A printed document can provide intrinsic features of the printer so as to distinguish which printer it comes from. But how to extract the intrinsic features is critical in printer forensics. In this paper, the page document's geometric distortion is extracted as the intrinsic features, and a printer forensics method based on the distortion is proposed.(More)
Tampering related to document forgeries is often accomplished by copy-pasting or add-printing. These tampering methods introduce character distortion mutation in documents. We present a method of exposing document forgeries using distortion mutation of geometric parameters. We estimate distortion parameters, which consist of translation and rotation(More)
The aim of steganography is to conceal the very existence of hidden communication, so its demand on security is serious. The security includes both imperceptibility and undetectability. However, most steganographic methods do not pay enough attention to the undetectability. We propose a novel DCT-based steganographic method for images. The method takes(More)
The purpose of this paper is to resolve information security problem in the mobile electronic commerce industry chain. We analyze information security based on evolutionary game theory. In this paper, we set up the information security game model with penalty parameter, calculate replicator dynamics, and analyze the evolutionary stable strategy of the game(More)
Cell-phones have become a necessary communication accessory in daily life. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) used by smart phones has caused higher requirement on mobile image manipulation. Classifying image source cell-phones has become a major issue in the cell-phone communication forensics. There are two ways usually used for tracing and identifying the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the strategy to promote the information security investment based on game theory. We use game theory to make the analysis and put forward the fruitful strategy suggestions for the defender organization to invest in information security. We set up the information security game model, and make the Nash Equilibrium(More)
Source camera identification is an important branch of image forensics. This paper describes a novel method for determining image origin based on color filter array (CFA) interpolation coefficient estimation. To reduce the perturbations introduced by a double JPEG compression, a covariance matrix is used to estimate the CFA interpolation coefficients. The(More)