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As generalization ability of neural network was restricted by overfitting problem in the network’s training. Early stopping algorithm based on fuzzy clustering was put forward to solve this problem in this paper. Subtractive clustering and Fuzzy C-Means clustering (FCM) were combined to realize optimal division of training set, validation set and(More)
Experiments show a primary role of extracellular potassium concentrations in neuronal hyperexcitability and in the generation of epileptiform bursting and depolarization blocks without synaptic mechanisms. We adopt a physiologically relevant hippocampal CA1 neuron model in a zero-calcium condition to better understand the function of extracellular potassium(More)
Some neuronal receptors perceive external input in the form of hybrid periodic signals. The signal detection may be based on the mechanism of vibrational resonance, in which a system's response to the low frequency signal can become optimal by an appropriate choice of the vibration amplitude of HFS. The vibrational resonance effect is investigated in a(More)
Potassium accumulation and diffusion during neuronal epileptiform activity have been observed experimentally, and potassium lateral diffusion has been suggested to play an important role in nonsynaptic neuron networks. We adopt a hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neuron network in a zero-calcium condition to better understand the influence of extracellular(More)
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