Xing-tian Yao

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External field-induced phase transition in lanthanum-doped lead zirconate titanate stannate antiferroelectric ceramics near morphotropic phase boundary were studied as a function of electric field, temperature and hydrostatic pressure. Upon application of an electric field to the antiferroelectric ceramics and the electric field was larger than the critical(More)
Abstract Shape memory alloy (SMA) materials possess complete superelasticity or pseudoelasticity above the austenite finish temperature (Af) and many unique mechanical, thermal, thermal–mechanical and electrical properties compared with other conventional materials. Many studies have reported that the superelastic and hysteresis properties of SMA materials(More)
Heat-capacity and magnetic-susceptibility studies have been carried out on NiS22xSex single crystals for 0.38<x<0.58 and 0<x<0.71, respectively. These and earlier physical measurements document the gradual evolution, with rising x , of the alloys from good insulators to poor metals at low temperatures. The transitions between various magnetically ordered or(More)
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