Xing-jiang Yu

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Maternal effect genes play critical roles in early embryogenesis of model organisms where they have been intensively investigated. However, their molecular function in mammals remains largely unknown. Recently, we identified a subcortical maternal complex (SCMC) that contains four proteins encoded by maternal effect genes (Mater, Filia, Floped and Tle6).(More)
It is because the resources are geographic distributed, heterogeneous and dynamic in computational grid environments that makes QoS guided scheduling a complex and challenging problem, especially when the tasks have multiple QoS needs. The economic model was applied to solve the resource allocation problem controlled by QoS in grid. Integration function is(More)
Mammalian early embryos maintain accurate genome integrity for proper development within a programmed timeline despite constant assaults on their DNA by replication, DNA demethylation and genetic defects transmitted from germ cells. However, how genome integrity is safeguarded during mammalian early embryonic development remains unclear. BCAS2 (breast(More)
We study the benefit optimization-based resource scheduling algorithm in three-dimensional QoS model in this paper. It is the management of economy model and the user alternation system provide QoS. The objective is to maximize the system benefit. An iterative scheduling algorithm used to maximize the QoS needs of users and resource scheduler is proposed to(More)
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