Xing-hua Zhao

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To develop a novel docetaxel (DOC)-loaded lipid microbubbles (MBs) for achieving target therapy and overcoming the poor water-solubility drawback of DOC. A novel DOC-loaded microbubble (DOC + MB) was prepared by lyophilization and the physicochemical properties including ultrasound contrast imaging of the liver were measured. The anti-tumor effect of the(More)
Chemotherapy frequently results in neurocognitive deficits that include impaired learning and memory. Thus, it is important to prevent or ameliorate the persistence of cognitive impairment. Compound K was employed to examine the ameliorating effect on chronic treatment with cyclophosphamide. Eight week-old ICR mice were given 80 mg/kg cyclophosphamide,(More)
LpGPAT was obtained from L. pensylvanicum using RT-PCR and rapid amplification of cDNA ends. The cloned full-length cDNA was 1544 bp; it encoded 410 amino acids and had a molecular size of 46 KDa. The nucleic acid sequence analysis showed that it shared high homology with other known GPATs. SMAT result suggests that there is a PlsC that exists in 176-322(More)
With the post-genome era coming, it is interesting to establish a new bioinformatics database, further integrate related information of the sequences and develop new methods to reveal the mechanism of life based on databases of sequence. We have built a professional bioinformatics database of non-coding miRNA named G-microRNA by means of PHP, MYSQL and so(More)
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