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Probabilistic slope stability analysis by a copula-based sampling method
In probabilistic slope stability analysis, the influence of cross correlation of the soil strength parameters, cohesion and internal friction angle, on the reliability index has not been investigatedExpand
Trivariate analysis of soil ranking-correlated characteristics and its application to probabilistic stability assessments in geotechnical engineering problems
An important issue in the probabilistic prediction modelling of multivariate soil properties (usually including cohesion, friction angle, and unit weight) is the measurement of dependence structureExpand
Modelling dependence structures of soil shear strength data with bivariate copulas and applications to geotechnical reliability analysis
Accurate estimates of the dependence of soil shear strength parameters (including cohesion and friction angle) play a crucial role in decision making by civil engineers in terms of geotechnicalExpand
Application of chromosomal microarray analysis in products of miscarriage
BackgroundChromosomal abnormality is one of the major cause of spontaneous abortion. Most available guidelines suggest genetic testing after three miscarriages, which has been proved to be difficultExpand
Application of a stochastic differential equation to the prediction of shoreline evolution
Shoreline evolution due to longshore sediment transport is one of the most important problems in coastal engineering and management. This paper describes a method to predict the probabilityExpand
Modelling failure mechanisms of soft cliff profiles
A large proportion of the 11,000 km coastline of the United Kingdom is backed by soft cliffs. These cliffs are subject to frequent slumping and landslip events, particularly where sea and groundExpand
Geometric reliability analysis applied to wave overtopping of sea defences
Abstract Surge levels and waves are mutually dependent random variables, and this is reflected in their joint confidence regions or probability density contours (PDCs). The PDC generalises theExpand
Development of fragility functions for slope instability analysis
This paper presents a methodology for constructing fragility functions to characterise slope stability under a range of catastrophic earthquakes and rainfalls. The procedures for creating fragilityExpand
Implementing statistical fitting and reliability analysis for geotechnical engineering problems in R
This study introduces the use of several R packages specifically developed to assist risk assessors in their geotechnical projects. Expand
Assessing the correlated performance functions of an engineering system via probabilistic analysis
Abstract An important issue regarding the use of probabilistic predictions for complex engineering systems is characterising the dependence structure among its correlated performance functions, whichExpand