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Scheduling is a key factor for manufacturing productivity. Effective scheduling can improve on-time delivery, reduce inventory, cut lead times, and improve the utilization of bottleneck resources. Because of the combinatorial nature of scheduling problems, it is often difficult to find optimal schedules, especially within a limited amount of computation(More)
Manufacturing scheduling is an important but difficult task. Building on our previous success in developing optimization-based scheduling methods using Lagrangian relaxation for practical applications, this paper presents a novel Lagrangian relaxation neural network (LRNN) optimization techniques. The convergence of LRNN for separable convex programming(More)
Currently, 3D cone-beam CT image reconstruction speed is still a severe limitation for clinical application. The computational power of modern graphics processing units (GPUs) has been harnessed to provide impressive acceleration of 3D volume image reconstruction. For extra large data volume exceeding the physical graphic memory of GPU, a straightforward(More)
Otoconia are bio-crystals anchored to the macular sensory epithelium of the utricle and saccule in the inner ear for motion sensing and bodily balance. Otoconia dislocation, degeneration and ectopic calcification can have detrimental effects on balance and vertigo/dizziness, yet the mechanism underlying otoconia formation is not fully understood. In this(More)
The association between malaria and meteorological factors is complex due to the lagged and non-linear pattern. Without fully considering these characteristics, existing studies usually concluded inconsistent findings. Investigating the lagged correlation pattern between malaria and climatic variables may improve the understanding of the association and(More)
Job shop is a typical environment for manufacturing high-variety and low-volume discrete parts. Good scheduling is critical and challenging to the competitiveness of job shops. The Lagrangian relaxation neural network (LRNN) developed by [I], provides an approach of quantifiable quality and successful industrial applications. To further speed up scheduling(More)
BACKGROUND Studies show that poststroke depression (PSD) increases mortality risk at 1 year. However, whether PSD increases the risk of recurrent stroke at 1 year remains unclear. This study was to investigate whether PSD at 2 weeks following a stroke could increase risk of recurrent stroke at 1 year. METHODS AND RESULTS This was a multi-centered(More)
Malaria transmission is strongly determined by the environmental temperature and the environment is rarely constant. Therefore, mosquitoes and parasites are not only exposed to the mean temperature, but also to daily temperature variation. Recently, both theoretical and laboratory work has shown, in addition to mean temperatures, daily fluctuations in(More)
In the inner ear, specificity of stimulus perception is achieved by associating the sensory epithelia of the three mechanoreceptor organs, the utricle/saccule, cristae, and cochlea, with distinct types of acellular matrices. Only the utricle and saccule have an extremely dense matrix, the otoconial complex, which overlies the sensory epithelium (macula) and(More)