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Four-winged dinosaurs from China
Although the dinosaurian hypothesis of bird origins is widely accepted, debate remains about how the ancestor of birds first learned to fly. Here we provide new evidence suggesting that basalExpand
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The smallest known non-avian theropod dinosaur
Non-avian dinosaurs are mostly medium to large-sized animals, and to date all known mature specimens are larger than the most primitive bird, Archaeopteryx. Here we report on a new dromaeosauridExpand
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A dromaeosaurid dinosaur with a filamentous integument from the Yixian Formation of China
Dromaeosaurids, despite their notoriety, are poorly characterized meat-eating dinosaurs, and were previously known only from disarticulated or fragmentary specimens. Many studies have denied theirExpand
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A basal troodontid from the Early Cretaceous of China
Troodontid dinosaurs form one of the most avian-like dinosaur groups. Their phylogenetic position is hotly debated, and they have been allied with almost all principal coelurosaurian lineages. HereExpand
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A basal ceratopsian with transitional features from the Late Jurassic of northwestern China
Although the Ceratopsia and Pachycephalosauria, two major ornithischian groups, are united as the Marginocephalia, few synapomorphies have been identified due to their highly specialized body-plans.Expand
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A Jurassic ceratosaur from China helps clarify avian digital homologies
Theropods have traditionally been assumed to have lost manual digits from the lateral side inward, which differs from the bilateral reduction pattern seen in other tetrapod groups. This unusualExpand
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A ceratopsian dinosaur from China and the early evolution of Ceratopsia
Ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs) represent one of the last and the most diverse radiations of non-avian dinosaurs. Although recent systematic work unanimously supports a basal division of CeratopsiaExpand
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An unusual oviraptorosaurian dinosaur from China
Oviraptorosaurians are an unusual group of theropod dinosaurs, with highly specialized skulls. Here we report a new oviraptorosaurian, Incisivosaurus gauthieri, gen. et sp. nov., from the lowest partExpand
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The Earliest Pterodactyloid and the Origin of the Group
The pterosaurs were a diverse group of Mesozoic flying reptiles that underwent a body plan reorganization, adaptive radiation, and replacement of earlier forms midway through their long history,Expand
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Adsorption of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution by modified corn stalk: a fixed-bed column study.
Continuous fixed-bed column studies were carried out by using modified corn stalk (MCS) as an adsorbent for the removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution. The effect of various parameters like bedExpand
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