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To investigate whether atherosclerotic vascular disease in the microswine model can be induced by atherogenic diet alone and does not require balloon injury or endothelial denudation as widely stated in the literature, 28 female Yucatan microswine were fed a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet, including 2% sodium cholate, for an average of 310 +/- 13 days.(More)
The nature of pathogenic mechanisms associated with the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) have long been debated. However, limited research was conducted to define the interplay between infiltrating lymphocytes and resident cells of the central nervous system (CNS). Data presented in this report describe a novel role for astrocyte-mediated alterations(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet is increasingly being applied in health education worldwide; however there is little knowledge of its use in Chinese higher education institutions. The present study provides the first review and highlights the deficiencies and required future advances in Chinese Internet-based health education. METHODS Two authors independently(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is three-fold: 1) to quantify the cardiorespiratory responses to rapid right atrial injections of meglumine/sodium diatrizoate, ioxaglate, iotrolan, and iopamidol; 2) to compare the effects of each contrast medium to that of its corresponding vehicle and saline; and 3) to evaluate the role of the vagus(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the attitudes of primary healthcare workers, including township public health workers (TPHWs) and village doctors (ViDs), towards web-based training on basic public health services (BPHS) and to examine the factors influencing their attitudes. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional study. METHODS Questionnaires addressing training status,(More)
Testosterone deficiency and metabolism syndrome (MetS) are universal among ageing males, and they have been suggested responsible for poorer quality of life (QoL). We aimed to evaluate the relative contributions of reproductive hormones and components of MetS at the risk of reduced QoL among Chinese mid-aged and elderly men. A cross-sectional study(More)
The author's approach and technique in the treatment of complex liver abscesses that persisted or recurred following percutaneous drainage are described. Six patients were treated by percutaneous debridement using an instrument specially designed for that purpose. Four patients were chronically ill but stable, while the other two were septic, hypotensive(More)
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