Xing-Wu Tao

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Utilizing epitaxial Co2Fe1-xMnxAl full-Heusler alloy films on GaAs (001), we address the controversy over the analysis for the split hysteresis loop which is commonly found in systems consisting of both uniaxial and fourfold anisotropies. Quantitative comparisons are carried out on the values of the twofold and fourfold anisotropy fields obtained with(More)
Maintaining an appropriate concentration of dissolved oxygen in aqueous solution is critical for efficient operation of a bioreactor, requiring sophisticated engineering design and a system of regulation to maximize oxygen transfer from the injected air bubbles to the cells. Bacterial hemoglobins are oxygen-binding proteins that transfer oxygen from the(More)
In order to study the structure and expression patterns of uridine diphosphate glucose dehydrogenase (UDPGH) genes in Ipomoea batatas, the transcriptome database of this plant constructed in our lab was first analyzed to screen UDPGH contigs. It was found that there were 23 UDPGH contigs of different sizes in the transcriptome database. Primers were(More)
Phytochrome A (phyA), as a photoreceptor, has a profound influence on plant growth and development and participates in many important physiological processes, such as seed germination, seeding deetiolation, and flowering. On the basis of transcriptome database of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.), phyA gene was cloned and sequenced. The gene has an(More)
Betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase (BADH) is a key enzyme for glycine betaine synthesis, which plays an important role in improving plant tolerance to salinity. Until now, little is known about the molecular biology of BADH gene in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.). Here, we report the cloning, sequencing, and expression of IbBADH gene of sweet potato.(More)
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