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To model red blood cell (RBC) deformation and multiple-cell interactions in flow, the recently developed technique derived from the lattice Boltzmann method and the distributed Lagrange multiplier/fictitious domain method is extended to employ the mesoscopic network model for simulations of RBCs in flow. The flow is simulated by the lattice Boltzmann method(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood diabetes has become a growing concern. We conducted a study to evaluate the status and trend of diabetes from 14 medical centers in China. Pre-diabetic status among obese children was also noted. METHODS Hospital medical records were reviewed, and data of diabetes were collected from 1995 through 2010. We took every five years as a(More)
With novel underwater wireless sensor array network architecture, the weighted least square (WLS) source localization method is developed. In this method, each sensor node is attached to a local sensor array which can estimated Signal-Noise-Ratio (SNR) as well the local direction-of-Arrival (DOA). Global localization can combined with estimated DOA selected(More)
OBJECTIVES Regulatory T cells play an active role in the maintenance of the immune system's tolerance of both foreign and self antigens. Particularly, CD(4) (+) CD(25) (+) regulatory T cells participate in tumor immunity. The study provided further evidence on the involvement of CD(4) (+ )CD(25) (+) regulatory T cells in immune system impairment in patients(More)