Xing-Ping Wu

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Stemlike cells have been isolated by their ability to efflux Hoechst 33342 dye and are called the side population (SP). We evaluated the effect of axitinib on targeting cancer stemlike cells and enhancing the efficacy of chemotherapeutical agents. We found that axitinib enhanced the cytotoxicity of topotecan and mitoxantrone in SP cells sorted from human(More)
S1-M1-80 cells, derived from human colon carcinoma S1 cells, are mitoxantrone-selected ABCG2-overexpressing cells and are widely used in in vitro studies of multidrug resistance(MDR). In this study, S1-M1-80 cell xenografts were established to investigate whether the MDR phenotype and cell biological properties were maintained in vivo. Our results showed(More)
The overexpression of P-glycoprotein (P-gp) by tumor cells results in multidrug resistance (MDR) to structurally unrelated anticancer drugs. Combined therapy with MDR-related cytotoxins and MDR modulators is a promising strategy to overcome clinical MDR. This study was designed to screen potent MDR modulators from imidazole derivatives. Cytotoxicity was(More)
BACKGROUND Functional polymorphisms of the ABCG2 gene may contribute to individual variability in drug response and the prognosis of patients. METHODS In the present study, the genetic polymorphisms and expression of ABCG2 were analysed in blasts cells obtained from 184 Chinese patients with de novo acute leukaemia to investigate their possible(More)
AIM To verify whether P-glycoprotein (P-gp) could induce cell resistance to apoptosis by inhibiting caspase-8 and caspase-3. METHODS Human KB cells, either drug-sensitive or with multidrug resistance (MDR) phenotype caused by overexpression of P-gp (KBv200 cells), were treated with anti-Fas (CH-11 monoclonal antibody) to induce apoptosis. Cytotoxicity was(More)
Dicycloplatin, a new supramolecular platinum-based antitumor drug, has been approved by the State Food and Administration (SFDA) of China. In this study, we investigated the anticancer activity of dicycloplatin in cancer cells and signaling pathways involved in dicycloplatin-induced apoptosis. Dicycloplatin inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells and(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Some cancer patients were not died of cancer, but died of infection after operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or interventional treatment. This study was to investigate the pathogen spectrum and drug resistance of spit samples from cancer patients. METHODS The pathogen spectrum and drug resistance of 955 positive spit samples(More)
By applying critical point theory, the multiplicity of periodic solutions to second-order discrete Hamiltonian systems with partially periodic potentials was considered. It is noticed that, in this paper, the nonlinear term is growing linearly and main results extend some present results. c ©2017 all rights reserved.
OBJECTIVE The emerging reverse sequence on syphilis screening program generates special discordant results, characterized with the appearance of both positive treponemal test and negative nontreponemal test at the same time. The aim of this study was to analyze the characteristics of the discordant results among low syphilis prevalence population in China,(More)
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