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We study the coupling of cavities defined by the local modulation of the waveguide width using confocal photoluminescence microscopy. We are able to spatially map the profile of the antisymmetric (antibonding) and symmetric (bonding) modes of a pair of strongly coupled cavities (photonic molecule) and follow the coupled cavity system from the strong(More)
Ionization injection triggered by short wavelength laser pulses inside a nonlinear wakefield driven by a longer wavelength laser is examined via multidimensional particle-in-cell simulations. We find that very bright electron beams can be generated through this two-color scheme in either collinear propagating or transverse colliding geometry. For a fixed(More)
A new method capable of capturing coherent electric field structures propagating at nearly the speed of light in plasma with a time resolution as small as a few femtoseconds is proposed. This method uses a few femtoseconds long relativistic electron bunch to probe the wake produced in a plasma by an intense laser pulse or an ultra-short relativistic charged(More)
Various anionic polyacrylamide polymers (PAMs) are frequently used to improve soil properties and reduce erosion. However, the effects of their application on plant growth remain unclear. Aggregate-free loess with high water holding capacity was used as growing substrate to test the effects of two rates (10 and 40 kg ha−1) of a linear PAM on the growth of(More)
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