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Electrical Circuit Flashover Model of Polluted Insulators under AC Voltage Based on the Arc Root Voltage Gradient Criterion
In order to study the flashover mechanism of polluted insulators under AC voltage, a new arc propagation criterion which is based on an arc root voltage gradient is proposed. This criterion can
Statistical analysis on measured lightning overvoltage surges in a 110 kV air-insulated substation
The wide variety of lightning stroke characteristics and the modifying effects of power system components result in a diversity of intrusive lightning voltage waveshapes that stress transformers.
Study on voltage-number characteristics of transformer insulation under transformer invading non-standard lightning impulses
According to the IEC Standard, the insulation performances of power apparatus under lightning impulse voltages are evaluated by the withstand test of standard lightning impulse voltage, with the wave
Accumulative effect of oil-paper insulation system under multiple lightning impulse voltage
Insulation system of power transformers endures power frequency alternating voltage as well as switching impulse voltage and lightning impulse voltage, which may bring potential risk to the