Xing Juan Zhao

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Oryza rufipogon Griff. is the ancestor of Asian cultivated rice (O. sativa L.) and possesses valuable genes for rice breeding. Pollen abortion is one of the major causes of indica–japonica hybrid sterility in rice and it happens due to allelic interaction at the pollen sterility gene loci. A total of six loci (Sa, Sb, Sc, Sd, Se, and Sf) have been found to(More)
This paper, investigates the dispersion characteristics of shear horizontal (SH) surface waves propagating in a piezoelectric (PE) layer imperfectly bonded on a piezomagnetic (PM) half-space. Both the layer and half-space possess the hexagonal symmetry. The so-called shear-lag model is used to describe the interfacial property. The surface of the PE layer(More)
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