Xing-Hua Yang

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OBJECTIVE To examine the associations of combined lifestyle factors and physical conditions with cerebrovascular diseases (CBVD) mortality, after accounting for competing risk events, including death from cardiovascular diseases, cancers and other diseases. METHODS Data on 2010 subjects aged over 55 years were finally analyzed using competing risk models.(More)
BACKGROUND Suboptimal health status (SHS) is characterized by ambiguous health complaints, general weakness, and lack of vitality, and has become a new public health challenge in China. It is believed to be a subclinical, reversible stage of chronic disease. Studies of intervention and prognosis for SHS are expected to become increasingly important.(More)
BACKGROUND Raised blood pressure (BP) is associated with the incidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS). It is unknown if subjects with different BP levels may develop certain components of MetS over time. We investigated the incidence of MetS relative to different levels of BP over a 5-year period in a Chinese population in Tongren Hospital, Beijing. METHODS(More)
Considering the unavoidable and unmeasured disturbances, parameter variations and position measure error of real motion control applications, a novel controller is developed for the motion control of permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). First, an active disturbance rejection controller (ADRC) based on extended state observer (ESO) is employed to(More)
AIM The aim was to evaluate the impact of metabolic syndrome (MS), MS individual components and 32 kinds of MS specific component combinations on all-cause mortality risk in a fixed cohort of MJ check-up population. METHODS We observed the events of death in a fixed cohort, where the population was composed of 45,542 individuals aged 35-74 who were(More)
BACKGROUND High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is associated with the incidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS). It is unclear whether subjects with different HDL levels develop different components of MetS over time. Our study aimed to determine what MetS components tend to emerge and change relative to different levels of HDL. METHODS During the period 2007 to(More)
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