Xing Guang Qu

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Traditional Chinese medicine has demonstrated its strength in treating psoriasis, which is characterized by a variety of methods of treatment, flexible use of drugs, high efficacy, low recurrence, and few side-effects. Experimental studies on the mechanism governing the TCM treatment of psoriasis have been conducted at the cellular level and the molecular(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the distribution and development rules of the TCM syndromes in psoriasis vulgaris. METHODS Based on the clinical epidemiologic mass survey, the study was carried out by means of a status survey, multi-center and large-sample research. The data base was set up by EPIINFO6.0. The SPSS was used to do the statistical analyses in 2651 cases(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate and compare the efficacy and safety of two kinds of Qinbai ointment prepared conventionally and finely (C-QBO and F-QBO) in treating psoriasis in the active stage of blood-heat syndrome type, and to observe their influences on vaginal epithelial cell mitosis, also on keratinization of caudal flakes in mice. METHODS CLINICAL(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of xiaobailing decoction ([Chinese characters: see text) on murine melanocytes in vitro and to explore the mechanism of xiaobailing Decoction in the treatment of vitiligo. METHODS B-16F10 murine melanoma cells were cultured in 1640 medium and treated respectively with different concentrations (1 mg/ml, 2 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml) of(More)
Objective To investigate the effect of body weight on the induction of mild hypothermia in a rabbit model of asphyxia cardiac arrest. Methods Twenty-four rabbits were randomized into two groups: the ice bag group and the intravenous 4°C saline group. Cardiac arrest was induced and after 3 minutes of cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation was begun.(More)
This article explained the character of dental disease and effective facts for dental health utilization, and current situation of basic medical insurance for oral diseases through checking up relative articles. Dental insurance had a positive effect on utilization of dental medical service and public oral health. The PEST tool was used to analyze the(More)
Oral hygiene is a critical element of patient care, particularly among patients who need ventilator-assisted equipment. The objective of this study was to explore the current status of oral care practices, attitudes, education and knowledge among intensive care unit (ICU) nurses caring for ventilator-assisted patients in 3A hospitals in mainland China. To(More)
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