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A valid prediction for a physical observable from quantum field theory should be independent of the choice of renormalization scheme--this is the primary requirement of renormalization group invariance (RGI). Satisfying scheme invariance is a challenging problem for perturbative QCD (pQCD), since a truncated perturbation series does not automatically(More)
Three new iridoids, cornifins A-C (1-3), together with a known iridoid, were obtained from EtOAc layer of leaves of Cornus officinalis. The structures of new compounds were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analyses. Compound 2 showed weak inhibitory activity against lung cancer cell line A-549 with IC50 value of 29.1 μM.
It is conventional to choose a typical momentum transfer of the process as the renormalization scale and take an arbitrary range to estimate the uncertainty in the QCD prediction. However, predictions using this procedure depend on the renormalization scheme, leave a nonconvergent renormalon perturbative series, and moreover, one obtains incorrect results(More)
We introduce a generalization of the conventional renormalization schemes used in dimensional regularization, which illuminates the renormalization scheme and scale ambiguities of perturbative QCD predictions, exposes the general pattern of nonconformal {β(i)} terms, and reveals a special degeneracy of the terms in the perturbative coefficients. It allows(More)