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Altererythrobacter lauratis sp. nov. and Altererythrobacter palmitatis sp. nov., isolated from a Tibetan hot spring
Two Gram-negative, moderately thermophilic, yellow-pigmented, rod-shaped and motile bacterial strains isolated from sediment samples collected from the Tagejia hot spring in Tibet, western China are considered to represent two novel species of the genus Altererythrobacter. Expand
Sphingobacteriumsoli sp. nov., isolated from soil.
Based on the recorded phenotypic and genotypic characteristics, it is determined that the isolate represents a novel species of the genus Sphingobacterium, for which the name SphingOBacterium soli sp. Expand
Two New Diphenyl Ether Derivatives from the Fermentation Products of the Endophytic Fungus Phomopsis asparagi
Two new diphenyl ethers (1 and 2) were isolated from the fermentation products of an endophytic fungus Phomopsis asparagi. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods, includingExpand
Lysobacter tabacisoli sp. nov., isolated from rhizosphere soil of Nicotiana tabacum L.
Polyphasic taxonomic characteristics indicated that strain C8-1T represents a novel species of the genus Lysobacter, for which the name Ly sobacter tabacisoli sp. Expand
Dyella tabacisoli sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from an arable soil sample of Nicotiana tabacum L.
DNA-DNA hybridization data indicated that strain L4-6T represented a novel genomic species belonging to the genus Dyella, for which the name Dyellatabacisoli sp.16273T=KCTC 62035T is proposed. Expand
Sphingobacterium soli sp . nov . , isolated from soil
A Gram-stain-negative, strictly aerobic, rod-shaped, non-motile, non-spore-forming bacterial strain, designated YIM X0211, was isolated from a soil sample of Shiling County, Yunnan Province,Expand
Two New Isobenzofuranone Derivatives from Phyllanthus emblica and Their Bioactivity
Two new isobenzofuranone derivatives, 5-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2,2-dimethyl-2H-furo[3,4-h]chromen-7(9H)-one (1) and 2,2-dimethyl-5-(2-oxopropyl)-2H-furo[3,4-h]chromen-7(9H)-one (2), were isolated from theExpand