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One of the largest bottlenecks in iron and steel production is the steelmaking-continuous casting (SCC) process, which consists of steel-making, refining and continuous casting. The SCC scheduling is a complex hybrid flowshop (HFS) scheduling problem with the following features: job grouping and precedence constraints, no idle time within the same group of(More)
Delayed processing time and machine failures upset the plan in steelmaking-continuous casting (SCC) production, which make production plan infeasible. The manual repairing cannot satisfy objectives of quick response and optimal scheduling. The practical rescheduling with 1-4 refining stages cannot abstract as three stages hybrid flow shop (HFS). A method is(More)
Manufacturing execution system (MES) is a bridge that connects the top layer of planning and the bottom layer of control. In integrated automation system (IAS) whose structure is 3-layer BPS/MES/PCS, MES is the key circle to realize the integrating of integrated automation system in iron & steel enterprise. According to the characteristics of production(More)
In steelmaking and continuous casting (SMCC) production process, converter fault can lead to unexpected changes to the pre-specified converter-continuous caster production mode so that the original scheduling plan becomes unrealizable. In this paper, the dynamic scheduling problem in response to converter fault is firstly analyzed. This is then followed by(More)
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