Xinfeng Xie

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Nanometer scale carbon fibers (carbon nanofibers) are of great interest to scientists and engineers in fields such as materials science, composite production, and energy storage due to their unique chemical, physical, and mechanical properties. Precursors currently used for production of carbon nanofibers are primarily from nonrenewable resources. Lignin is(More)
Data movement is increasingly becoming the bottleneck of both performance and energy efficiency in modern computation. Until recently, it was the case that there is limited freedom for communication optimization on GPUs, as conventional GPUs only provide two types of methods for inter-thread communication: using shared memory or global memory. However, a(More)
Biomass is generally believed to be carbon neutral. However, recent studies have challenged the carbon neutrality hypothesis by introducing metric indicators to assess the global warming potential of biogenic CO2 (GWPbio). In this study we calculated the GWPbio factors using a forest growth model and radiative forcing effects with a time horizon of 100(More)
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