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The use of histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors has shown promise for a variety of malignancies. In this investigation, we define the activity of this class of inhibitors in combination with traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy in endometrial cancer cells. Significant reductions in growth were observed in Ark2 and KLE endometrial cancer cells following(More)
within the PIPAAm-modified capillary at 30 °C and burst release during PIPAAm collapse. This burst is analogous to drug release from collapsing PIPAAm gel disks undergoing analogous thermal treatment. [17] Similarly, just after each temperature return to 30 °C, small fluorescent spikes are observed. In contrast, oscillatory fluorescent changes have been(More)
Marine shafting system is the indispensable component of a ship power plant. As the "heart" of the ship, marine power plant provides propulsion and secondary energy for normal navigation, operations, combats, and other needs of the ship it. Compared with the classical vibration analysis and the oil analysis theory, the method based on power flow is easier(More)
The propulsion shaft system is one of the most important parts of marine power plant, the reliability and stabilization of which effects the security of the ship operation directly. The forced vibration introduced by the external excitation makes the vibration characteristics of the propulsion shaft more complicated. Even the resonance phenomenon will(More)
As an indispensable component of the ship, marine shafting system transmits power generated by the main engine to the propeller, and at the same time transmits propeller thrust to the hull, and therefore drives the ship ahead. Torsional vibration does lots harm to ship shaft system, brings a serious threat to the safe navigation of the ship. The method of(More)
Nonlinear friction-induced vibration deteriorated the performance of marine rubber stern tube bearings (RSTB) in a wide variety of propulsion system. In the paper, this study was performed on the level of both practical and experimental bifurcation analysis. Hereto, an experimental setup of SSB-100 marine stern tube bearing test machine was applied to carry(More)
Ship shafting system is the indispensable component of a ship power plant. The primary function of a ship shafting system is to carry out energy transfer from marine engine to propeller, transmit axial thrust produced by the rotation of propeller to the hull, and drive the ship ahead. Vibrational power flow combines the effects of force and velocity(More)
Study of ship deformation accumulation for a long time is of practical significance. According to the initial-boundary value problem of the deformation of the ship, large deviation theory gives the deformation time series convergence theorem, which deduces the convergence rate formula of discrete deformation. The convergence speed of the actual example is(More)
The working condition of shaft determines whether the ship can continuously acquire propulsive force from diesel engine. It is hard to operate the contact measurement of shaft power and torque neither is it accurate, so the non-contact measurement that is easier and more flexible to use should be the direction to go. A novel contact-less shaft condition(More)
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