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OBJECTIVES To investigate the association between insulin-resistance-related conditions (comprising the metabolic syndrome) and endometrial cancer risk in Chinese women. METHODS We conducted a large case-control study including 942 endometrial cancers and 1721 controls on a Chinese population. The relative endometrial cancer risks from various factors(More)
The present paper reports a highly efficient method of making blunt ends from cohesive ends of double-stranded DNA. Klenow fragment and Pfu DNA polymerases were used to fill in the cohesive ends. Since the transformation efficiency can directly reflect the filling-in efficiency, similar ligation and transformation conditions were used, and the filling-in(More)
An ovalbumin gene was cloned from Chinese quail (Coturnix coturnix) oviduct by RT-PCR and then inserted into the P. pastoris genome under the control of the methanol inducible 5' alcohol oxidase (AOX) promoter. The recombinant P. pastoris strain was demonstrated to be able to efficiently secrete quail ovalbumin by ELISA analysis using a polyclonal antibody(More)
The heavy metal cadmium (Cd) is known to modulate immunity and cause osteoporosis. However, how Cd influences on hematopoiesis remain largely unknown. Herein, we show that wild-type C57BL/6 (B6) mice exposed to Cd for 3months had expanded bone marrow (BM) populations of long-term hematopoietic stem cells (LT-HSCs), common myeloid progenitors (CMPs) and(More)
Lead (Pb) is a toxic heavy metal affecting human health; it is known to be harmful to various organs or systems, yet the mechanisms by which Pb influences immune cell development remain to be defined. In this study, we show that Pb exposure (1250 ppm via drinking water) selectively impacted the development of myeloid cells (myelopoiesis). After Pb treatment(More)
A large amount of DNA of high quality is essential for molecular analysis. The amount of DNA in routine paraffin sections is small. Surgical specimens retained in formalin for the long-term (several months) left over from the sampling required for wax embedding can be referred to as "long-term formalin-fixed" specimens, and clearly this material is a rich(More)
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