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Return-Oriented Programming (ROP) is a technique which leverages the instruction gadgets in existing libraries/executables to construct Turing complete programs. However, ROP attack is usually composed with gadgets which are ending in ret instruction without the corresponding call instruction. Based on this fact, several defense mechanisms have been(More)
In this paper, we divide large-scale resource-constrained WSN nodes into several domains, split cryptographic operations into heavy operations and the fast lightweight operations, and present an efficient multi-PKG online/offline identity-based encryption scheme for multi-domain WSN. Most heavy computations such as pairing or exponentiation are done in the(More)
A self-healing mechanism in key management is an important means for large-scale clustering wireless sensor networks that enable non-revoked nodes use their private information and the received broadcast messages to recover the lost session keys on their own. In this study, we propose a dynamic self-healing key management scheme for large-scale clustering(More)