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Return-Oriented Programming (ROP) is a technique which leverages the instruction gadgets in existing libraries/executables to construct Turing complete programs. However, ROP attack is usually composed with gadgets which are ending in ret instruction without the corresponding call instruction. Based on this fact, several defense mechanisms have been(More)
In the elliptic curve cryptosystem, the suitability of base point plays an important role in the security of an elliptic curve selected. This paper firstly introduces traditional algorithm (serial algorithm) of the base point choosing in binary field, and we have found that the traditional algorithm had some deficiencies and then give some suggestions of(More)
Based on the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem of non-supersingular elliptic curve over finite field which has no efficient attack method by now, the paper proposes an ID-based forward-secure signature scheme from the bilinear pairings. The feature of the new scheme is that the secret key of different periods is associated with an identity and the(More)
Electronic voting is one of the basic applications of cryptographic protocols. A practical and secure electronic voting scheme is proposed in which we use oblivious signature technology to guarantee that the vote getting signed is actually the one of L predetermined candidates. Compared with the protocols that used blind signature technology, it is more(More)
Forward security and blind signature become hot spots in the researches of cryptography. Forward-secure digital signature can effectively reduce the loss that aroused for the reason of secret keys exposure. Blind signature plays an important role in protecting the senders' privacy. This paper proposes a new conception named correlative-factor, and by which(More)
Survivability of network system is a very important issue in security field. Based on analyzing existing methods and defining the system attributes about survivability evaluation, the paper adopts stochastic Petri net (SPN) to analyze the survivability characteristics of the telecommunication switching system. The performance and fault-repair models are(More)
As a generalization of double base chains, multi-base number system were very suitable for efficient computation of scalar multiplications of elliptic curves because of shorter representation length and less Hamming weight. Thus it is needed to search efficient multi-base chains. We considered settings with different computing cost of point operations and(More)
Low-cost Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) tags are large-scale used in supply chain management, but due to their finite computational ability and limited storage space, only a small amount of authentication protocols are suited for them. We analyzed the existing authentication protocols for low-cost tags, and found a secure authentication protocol that(More)