Xinchun Shi

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According to the topology of flyback for photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, a new switching strategy was proposed to make the flyback inverter working in hybrid operation modes. To make the corresponding boundary curve between Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) and Continuous Work Mode (CCM), a suitable transformer is selected, which can overlap the(More)
Based on the mathematical model analysis of VSC-HVDC under abc reference frame and dq reference frame, the controller of VSC-HVDC system supplying power for passive networks is designed in this paper. Rectifier controller adopts double closed-loop structure. The inner-loop adopts deadbeat control to achieve no-error tracking from the control variable to the(More)
This paper proposes a hardware in the loop simulation (HILS) system based on NI-PXI to test the microgrid operation and control. The HILS system is composed of a NI-PXI real-time digital simulation platform for running the real-time simulation model, a NI compactRIO which used as a controller of microgrid, and a PC for running the human-machine interaction(More)
In the view of Under/over voltage, Under/over frequency are the key ways of anti-islanding both to passive and active methods, a further research and study of the influence of load to Under/over voltage, Under/over frequency ways were shown in this paper. It can be seen clearly how the load influents the islanding state, and on the other hand, from the(More)
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