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The use of spectral features to estimate leaf area index (LAI) is generally considered a challenging task for hyperspectral data. In this study, the hyperspectral reflectance of winter wheat was selected to optimize the selection of spectral features and to evaluate their performance in modeling LAI at various growth stages during 2008 and 2009. We(More)
Urban underground pipeline is an important lifeline of cities. Application education of urban underground pipeline management also was important to urban underground pipeline manager. In order to manage underground pipeline efficiently and provide information of pipeline for the public in the urban construction, we could established the pipe management(More)
Prospecting line profile map is one of the most basic maps in the geological report. Traditional way to draw prospecting line profile map is less efficient , and difficult to revise and the calculating amount is heavy. The technology of computer-aided drawing of the prospecting line profile map can improve efficiency and quality effectively, realize the(More)
The total nitrogen concentration (NC, g/100 g) of wetland plants is an important parameter to estimate the wetland health status and to calculate the nitrogen storage of wetland plants. Remote sensing has been widely used to estimate biophysical, physiological, and biochemical parameters of plants. However, current studies place little emphasis on NC(More)
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