Xincheng Zhang

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The current nitrogen fertilization for sugarcane production in Guangxi, the major sugarcane-producing area in China, is very high. We aim to reduce nitrogen fertilization and improve sugarcane production in Guangxi with the help of indigenous sugarcane-associated nitrogen-fixing bacteria. We initially obtained 196 fast-growing bacterial isolates associated(More)
AIMD (additive increase and multiplicative decrease) algorithm has been used in many congestion control protocols , including TCP in the Internet. In this paper, we compare AIMD and MAIMD (multiplicative additive increase and multiplicative decrease). Our evaluation shows that the convergence speeds to fair states of AIMD and MAIMD are close to each other.(More)
The endophytic bacterium, Sphingomonas SaMR12, isolated from Sedum alfredii Hance, appears to increase plant biomass and zinc-extraction from contaminated soil; however, the mechanism by which this occurs is not clear. Here, the ability of SaMR12 to promote zinc extraction and its effects on root morphology and exudation were examined in hydroponics. Zinc(More)
Asian yellow pond turtle (Mauremys mutica) is an endangered species, being listed in the IUCN red list of threatened species. In China, most living resources are kept in turtle farms. Insufficient molecular markers have hindered the effective management and artificial breeding programs of this important species. In this study, we discovered and validated 43(More)
A multiplex PCR system that consisted of 12 pairs of novel primers based on the transcriptome of the mud carp was developed and characterized for genetic polymorphism analysis in 64 wild individuals in our laboratory. The microsatellite loci exhibited a range of alleles of 3 < K < 7 with an average of 4.25. The observed heterozygosity ranged from 0.375 to(More)
Willows (Salix spp.) have excellent capacity for acquiring nutrients, and are widely used for removing excess nutrients in wastewater purification system. In this study, 18 willow clones were evaluated in terms of growth parameters, nitrogen (N) accumulation and N use efficiency under two N regimes (low N and high N) with a sand culture system. Clonal(More)
In social networks, influence such as information, virus, innovations spreads from node to node through the edges of the networks. Understanding this diffusion process is the key to many important real-world applications, for example marketing strategies, virus and pollution control. The problem of outbreak detection and influence maximization ask about(More)
1. INTRODUCTION In secure group communications, members of a group share a symmetric group key. A key server provides access control to the group key as well as reliable rekeying for group members whenever the key changes. Figure 1 shows the functional components of an architecture for group key management. The registration component authenticates users and(More)
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