Xinchao Zhao

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The canonical particle swarm optimization (PSO) has its own disadvantages, such as the high speed of convergence which often implies a rapid loss of diversity during the optimization process, which inevitably leads to undesirable premature convergence. In order to overcome the disadvantage of PSO, a perturbed particle swarm algorithm (pPSA) is presented(More)
Virtual network embedding, which means mapping virtual networks requested by users to a shared substrate network maintained by an Internet service provider, is a key function that network virtualization needs to provide. Prior work on virtual network embedding has primarily focused on maximizing the revenue of the Internet service provider and did not(More)
An improved discrete immune optimization algorithm based on particle swarm optimization (IDIPSO) is proposed for Quality of Service (QoS)-driven web service composition with global QoS constraints. A series of effective strategies are presented for this problem, which include an improved local best first strategy based on mathematical analysis for candidate(More)
QoS-aware Web Service Selection is a crucially important issue in Service Oriented Communication which enables communication by integrating communication web services over Internet. Because of the growing number of candidate web services that provide the same functionality but differ in Quality of Service (QoS), it brings more challenges to select a(More)
A new evolutionary programming algorithm (NEP) using the non-uniform mutation operator instead of Gaussian or Cauchy mutation operators is proposed. NEP has the merits of “long jumps” of the Cauchy mutation operator at the early stage of the algorithm and “fine-tunings” of the Gaussian mutation operator at the later stage. Comparisons with the recently(More)
Web service selection, as an important part of web service composition, has direct influence on the quality of composite service. Many works have been carried out to find the efficient algorithms for quality of service (QoS)-aware service selection problem in recent years. In this paper, a negative selection immune algorithm (NSA) is proposed, and as far as(More)