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The 3D position of the ball plays a crucial role in professional sport analysis. In ball sports, tracking of ball's precise position accurately is highly required, whose performance is affected by inaccurate 3D coordinates and occlusion problem. In this paper, we propose anti-occlusion observation model and automatic recovery by 3D ball detection based on(More)
Player tracking plays a key role in volleyball tactics analysis. Therefore, many tracking algorithms have been proposed to track and locate the players' positions. However, in a volleyball match, intersection of players wearing the same uniform occurs frequently. Conventional tracking algorithms can hardly handle such complicated situation with high(More)
In tennis game analysis, the 3D position of ball plays a crucial role in score judgment and player evaluation. When tracking the tennis ball in 3D space, high speed and abrupt motion change of the tennis ball are the main problems which make it difficult to predict the near future course of the ball. Aiming at solving above two problems, we propose a system(More)
3D ball tracking is of great significance to ping-pong game analysis, which can be utilized to applications such as TV content and tactic analysis. To achieve a high success rate in ping-pong ball tracking, the main problems are the lack of unique features and the complexity of background, which make it difficult to distinguish the ball from similar noises.(More)
Volleyball player body parts tracking is very important for block or jump height calculation which can be applied to TV contents and tactical analysis. This paper proposes a mixture particle filter with block jump biomechanics constraint based on 3D articulated human model. Using mixture particle filters tracking different body parts can effectively reduce(More)
RATIONALE The matrix plays an essential role in defining detection limits and ionization yields of analytes in matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS) analysis. Small molecule MALDI-MS analyses commonly suffer from the high background interference generated from matrices. Moreover, the inhomogeneous crystallization of some(More)
The ball state tracking and detection technology plays a significant role in volleyball game analysis for volleyball team supporting and tactics development. This paper proposes a ball event detection method to achieve high detection rate by solving challenges including: the great variety of event length, the large intra-class difference of one event and(More)
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