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Self-assembling peptide (SAP) RADA16-I (Ac-(RADA)4-CONH2) has been suffering from a main drawback associated with low pH, which damages cells and host tissues upon direct exposure. In this study, we presented a strategy to prepare nanofiber hydrogels from two designer SAPs at neutral pH. RADA16-I was appended with functional motifs containing cell adhesion(More)
Peripheral nerve injury (PNI) usually results in poor functional recovery. Nerve repair is the common clinical treatment for PNI but is always obstructed by the chronic degeneration of the distal stump and muscle. Cell transplantation can alleviate the muscle atrophy after PNI, but the subsequent recovery of the locomotive function is seldom described. In(More)
Industrial robots have been widely used in manufacturing plants to handle various jobs such as palletizing, machine tending, and arc welding. Before real commissioning, the entire robot application system needs to be simulated in a virtual system to ensure safety and to improve development efficiency. Due to the requirements on robots to complete various(More)
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