Xin-zhu Zhang

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BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated that pelvic incidence and sacral slope are significantly greater in idiopathic scoliosis patients compared with normal adolescents. However, whether these sagittal parameters are related to the progression of scoliosis remain unknown. The present was designed to determine the differences in the sagittal profiles(More)
Authors’ contributions BR, GYZ, and FS participated in the design of this study and performed the statistical analysis. JYC, JBW, and FCZ carried out the study, together with KJG, collected important background information, and drafted the manuscript. DYQ, BZ, XYC, XZZ, YHQ, JHG and ML conceived of this study and participated in the design and helped to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the feasibility and surgical procedure of bone grafting with elastic trephine. METHODS A total of 42 cases of thoracolumbar fracture received pedicle screw fixations by combining bone grafting with elastic trephine through pedicle of fractured vertebra. The ratios of the altitude of traumatic vertebra to normal altitude, kyphosis(More)
Retraction The Publisher and Editor regretfully retract this article [1] because the peer-review process was inappropriately influenced and compromised. As a result, the scientific integrity of the article cannot be guaranteed. A systematic and detailed investigation suggests that a third party was involved in supplying fabricated details of potential peer(More)
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