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The profiling and identification of the absorbed constituents and metabolites of Paeoniae Radix Rubra decoction in rat plasma and urine by the HPLC-DAD-ESI-IT-TOF-MS(n) technique: a novel strategy
  • Jing Liang, F. Xu, +8 authors S. Cai
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
  • 1 September 2013
This study is the first to explore the absorption and metabolism of PRR decoction, and the result also is a notable improvement in the discovery of paeoniflorin metabolites in vivo.
Aristololactams and aporphines from the stems of Fissistigma oldhamii (Annonaceae).
The results demonstrated that the CHCl(3)-soluble part and alkaloid 2 exhibited significant anti-inflammatory activity in vitro in both assays.
A-Type Proanthocyanidins from the Stems of Ephedra sinica (Ephedraceae) and Their Antimicrobial Activities
Phytochemical investigation of the n-BuOH-soluble fraction of the EtOH extract of the herbaceous stems of Ephedra sinica led to the isolation and identification of 12 A-type proanthocyanidins, containing five dimers, two trimers and five tetramers.
The profiling and identification of the metabolites of (+)-catechin and study on their distribution in rats by HPLC-DAD-ESI-IT-TOF-MS(n) technique.
The in vivo metabolic reactions of (+)-catechin in rats were found to be ring-cleavage, sulfation, glucuronidation, methylation, dehydroxylation and dehydrogenation, and it was indicated that small intestine, kidney and liver were the major organs for the distribution of (+- catechin metabolites.
A new phenylethanoid glycoside from Rabdosia lophanthoides (Buch.-Ham.ex D.Don) Hara.
Abstract A new phenylethanoid glycoside, 3-hydroxy-4-methoxy-β-phenylethoxy-O-α- l -rhamnopyranosyl-(1 → 3)-2-O-acetyl-O-β- d -glucopyranoside, named lophanthoside A, was isolated from Rabdosia
Chemical constituents from the leaves of Broussonetia papyrifera.
To separate and identify the chemical constituents from the leaves of Broussonetia papyrifera (Linn.) Vent, various columns including Diaion HP-20, Toyopearl HW-40C, Sephadex LH-20, silica gel were
Two new dihydrobenzofuran lignans from Rabdosia lophanthoides (Buch.-Ham.ex D.Don) Hara
Two new dihydrobenzofuran lignanosides, (7R,8S)-4,3′,9′-trihydroxyl-3-methoxyl-7,8-dihydrobenzofuran-1′-propylneolignan-9-O-(6-O-syringoyl)-β-d-glucopyranoside, named lophanthoside B (1) and
Characterization of the Anticoagulative Constituents of Angelicae Sinensis Radix and Their Metabolites in Rats by HPLC-DAD-ESI-IT-TOF-MSn.
This study is the first to qualitatively characterize the chemical constituents of the potent anticoagulative extract of Angelicae Sinensis Radix and to explore its metabolism.
[Surveys on resources and varieties on Chinese markets of crude drug mahuang].
The results showed that the most common species on the Chinese markets was E. sinica (33/38 commercial samples), followed by E. intermedia (5/38commercial samples), which was also used in local clinics in Qing-hai, Gansu and Xinjiang province, no E. equisetina was found in the market.
[Determination of markers from characteristic HPLC chromatogram of phenols in three official origins of Ephedrae Herba and quantitative analysis of four phenols].
  • Xue Zuo, Hao Hong, +4 authors S. Cai
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao…
  • 1 December 2015
The characteristic HPLC chromatogram of phenols in Ephedrae Herba was established, from which to pick out the marker peaks, followed by the analysis of the regularity of their distribution and content in the herbaceous stems, to establish the important effects of the two constituents on the effects of three official origins of the herb.